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Written by Chris - KC0TKS   
Jul 13, 2007 at 08:21 AM

If you know of a net that is not listed here or have a correction to one that is listed, send the information to .





Warsaw                                6:30 pm            147.300+

Raymore                               8:00 pm            147.12+

Carrollton                            9:00 pm            146.655-    94.8



Clinton                                  8:00 pm            146.925-    107.2

Independence                    8:00 pm            147.09+

Bolivar                                    8:30 pm            147.06+    107.2



Stover                                    8:00 pm            147.39+





10 meter net                        9:00 pm            28.400usb 



Kansas City                        9:00 am                146.82-

Clinton                                7:00 pm                  146.925-    107.2

MO ARES                            6:30 pm                 3.963 or 7.263 +/- qrm 

MO ARES Digital Net       7:15 pm                   3.595    psk-31 

Gladstone                            8:00 pm                145.43-

Raymore (Mar. - July)        8:00 pm                147.12+

Warrensburg                        8:30 pm                146.88-    107.2 


Mon. - Sun.  (Every day)

Missouri Traffic Net            5:45 pm                3.963

* Gainesville                          8:00 pm                147.39+ 


* I use this repeater as a propagation indicator on 2 meters.  This repeater has the same input/output frequency pair as the Stover repeater and is located near the Missouri/Arkansas border (apx. 125 mi. from Stover).

When the band is open, you can copy their repeater (147.39).

When conditions are really good, our repeater picks up their stations on the input frequency of the repeater (147.99) and they are repeated here locally.

When conditions are at their best, you can copy their stations direct on the input frequency (147.99).

If you hear this repeater coming in, It means the band is open, go hunt for some rare 2m DX.  From Sedalia, I have hit repeaters in Tulsa OK, 2 in Illinois,  and one in the bootheel of Missouri (260 mi.), all using Gainesville as a propagation indicator!

If you have 2m sideband capability, you can expect ranges much greater than what you will get on an FM repeater. Try 144.200 - the SSB calling frequency. 

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